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Oct 20th, 2022 Share: Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on LinkedIn

Everybody Is Faking It All the Time

You might have seen Mark Zuckerberg’s overly excited “I now have legs in the Metaverse”-dance during his company’s Connect 2022 developer conference keynote.

If that sentence made no sense to you at all, let me fill you in: Meta (the company formerly known as Facebook) bets big on the Metaverse. Meta has a virtual world called Horizon. It’s the VR version of Facebook — or it should be someday. Your digital representation (i.e., your avatar) inside of Horizon currently doesn’t have legs. You just float around in space. Turns out – legs are hard to do properly in VR.

Back to Zuck. We will soon have legs in Horizon — which Zuck demo’ed during Meta’s event. Alas, it turns out that what we saw weren’t actually Zuck’s legs in Horizon but an “artist rendition” of what legs in Horizon might look like sometime in the future.

This brings me to my point. Last week we talked about how Nobody Knows Anything Anyway. Well, not only that but everybody is faking it all the time as well. Even Zuck.

Cut yourself some slack, and keep building what matters.

P.S. In the grand scheme of things, VR legs don’t matter all that much.

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