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The Heretic is a daily dispatch about entrepreneurship, the art of the start and doing the work by Pascal Finette. It’s raw, unfiltered and opinionated. It’s coming from someone who has walked in your shoes — and continues to do so. It’s therapeutic. All straight to your inbox. You will like it. As do these fine folks!

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The Heretic’s Latest Dispatches

Over the last couple of weeks I have received a series of questions about hiring. How to find talent, how to engage with them, how to evaluate candidates…

For me it all starts with the job description. It is remarkable how bland and similar most job ads/descriptions are – I frankly believe that everyone is stealing from everyone else; in the process making the description ever more meaningless.

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By now you have heard this a gazillion times: The lore of the lone founder is not only exaggerated but plain wrong. Companies are built by groups of dedicated people, sharing the same vision, believing in the same future and working towards the same goal.

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Over the last few weeks I found myself in quite a few impromptu coaching sessions with our amazing Singularity University Global Solutions Program (GSP) participants. As part of the GSP, participants form teams to build companies – focussed on leveraging exponential technologies tackling the biggest problems in the world.

It is an intense and stressful process – and throws even the most battle-hardened entrepreneurs deep into the pit where they have to figure out what is important to them, what truly matters, what's worth fighting for and where to give…

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Recently I spoke to a group of C-level executives from Silicon Valley tech companies. After my talk a lively discussion about the future of their respective companies, departments and jobs ensued.

What struck me is how similar this discussion, by some of the most powerful and seasoned executives in the business, sounded to anything you hear startup founders talk about over coffee.

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The Heretic Book is Here

Mon, Aug 15, 2016

Eighteen months ago, having just finished my 600th Heretic post, I decided to pick the top 100 dispatches, edit and put them into a little coffee table book. The idea being that the book serves as a little pick-me-up – every time you are looking for some inspiration or an insight, you pick up the book, read a page and put it down again.

Little did I know how much work writing, editing, designing and publishing a book is…

But in true Heretic fashion we did it!

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