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The Heretic’s Latest Dispatches

Tailwinds Matter

Thu, Jul 21, 2016

A while ago my former boss at Mozilla and now famous Silicon Valley VC John Lilly told me: You always want to be in a business which grows; as all the fun is in those businesses. A little more than two years ago I wrote about this advice under the subject line of "Go Where The Growth Is".

Today I listened to the Blitzscaling podcast with Shishir Mehrotra (one of the early employees at YouTube). He talked about the same concept with different language which deeply resonated with me:

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When I launched my first company back in 1996/97 we had to pay literally tens of thousands of dollars each month just for servers (leased machines, co-located – there was no such thing as cloud computing back then). The application framework we used (Apple's WebObject) cost us thousands of dollars in licensing fees. Every bit of software we used to produce our code cost us money.

Today all this is free (or close to free).

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Here is the problem with venture capital: A lot of startups think they should be VC funded, but are fundamentally not set up for it.

When you raise venture capital, the simple and common assumption is that your company needs to grow 10x in its valuation over a 5-7 year timeframe.

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Recently a colleague of mine asked me what to read/watch to get started with entrepreneurship.

Of course there are a gazillion resources and my personal reading list is pretty vast. But as probably the most relevant and short starting point – I present to you:

The Where to Start With Entrepreneurship List

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How Much Money To Raise

Tue, Jul 12, 2016

After the last post on fundraising (“Links, Not Dots”), I received some emails asking me a simple, yet vexing question:

“What’s the right amount of money to raise?”

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