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Dec 8th, 2021 Share: Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on LinkedIn

Sometimes You Just Need To Be Okay With Yourself and the World

You know the feeling: You should have done this thing, but you didn’t. Maybe you didn’t have the time or resources — or you simply couldn’t bring yourself to do it. As in “I should have written a number of Heretic dispatches the last couple of weeks” – but I didn’t. Of course, I can give you numerous reasons why it didn’t happen. It was Thanksgiving Week here in the US. I was traveling for client engagements. I was away from home and thus didn’t have access to my equipment. Not only that, but I was busy with work. All good reasons but not really what was going on… Of course, I could have written a dispatch twice a week. Somehow, I could have make it work. I could have planned ahead and pre-written them. I could have squeezed out an hour somewhere. I could have taken a microphone with me to record the podcast. I could have simply been okay with a lesser sound quality while recording it on my laptop.

But that is not how it went down in reality.

In all honesty — I was just too fried and simply didn’t find the mojo to sit down in front of my text editor and write. Not just the Heretic — anything. And that’s okay. Because sometimes we just need to be okay with ourselves and the world.

Earth won’t stop rotating if we don’t do “the thing”. Life will go on. We will wait for you. It is just fine.

Next time you hear the little voice commanding you that you “have to do this” and just can’t face it — give yourself some slack. We will be here waiting for you.

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