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Jun 26th, 2018

Learn Something Random

How many folks do you know who are somewhat of a polymath? Also, how much more insightful (and fun) do they tend to be?

Most of the most brilliant people in my world have a very diverse background and interests. Their ability to look at a problem or opportunity from multiple, often very distinct angles allows them to see things most of us can’t see (and act upon these opportunities).

Look at leaders you admire – I bet you money that even those who seem to be singularity focussed have a well-honed ability to look at problems with different lenses.

That being said – I highly recommend (and a bunch of literature backs this up) to continuously push yourself to learn something new and somewhat random. Instead of reading the n-th Steve Jobs biography, read some classic novels. Head out and experience some art. Challenge yourself and learn to ballroom dance.

Become a polymath. Today’s exponential world requires us to think laterally.

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