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Jan 21st, 2014 Share: Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on LinkedIn

The Voice In Your Head

A friend of mine used to wear a t-shirt which had the following line printed on it in big letters: “I do whatever the voice in my head tells me to do”. At the time I found this funny (especially as he was 6’4” and broad-shouldered).

Today I spoke with a dear friend who has a degree from an ivy league university. He fears that his degree is not enough. That it’s not good enough. That he is not good enough.

That’s the annoying little bastard in our heads talking to us. The one who questions us. The one who becomes louder and louder the higher the stakes are. The one who always has a good and logical argument why something can’t be done or why we are just not good enough.

I don’t find that t-shirt funny anymore.

Realize that it’s just a voice in your head talking. Acknowledge it and tell it to go to hell. You have more important things to do. YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH!

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