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Nov 2nd, 2023 Share: Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on LinkedIn

Why Obsessing Over Details Makes All the Difference

We’ve all got our quirks, right? For me, it’s my video and audio equipment (which I mostly use for Zoom and the occasional video and podcast recording). I’ve fine-tuned the camera angles, obsessed over the perfect microphone and camera, dabbled with mic amplifiers, and don’t get me started on XLR interfaces or the backdrop and lighting in my room…

Now, some might chuckle and say, “Pascal, isn’t that a tad overboard?” Maybe. But here’s the thing: it gets noticed. And not just by tech aficionados or fellow podcasters, but in nearly every call I’m on.

A lot of my waking hours? They’re spent on Zoom. Whether it’s talking to a client, counseling the next game-changing startup or giving a keynote to thousands, I demonstrate one thing consistently: taking this medium seriously. When the world went digital, so did our first impressions. No more firm handshakes; it’s about clear audio and crisp video now.

But let’s zoom out (pun intended) from the pixels and decibels for a moment. It’s not just about looking or sounding good. It’s about commitment. When you care about something, be it your job, your passion, or even a simple call, it shows. And that’s infectious.

The takeaway? In a world where there’s a constant buzz, static, and distractions, going above and beyond is not just ‘extra effort’. It’s a statement. It makes you stand out, be memorable. But more importantly, it silently communicates one thing: you care. And in today’s age, where genuineness is a rarity, that’s more precious than the most sophisticated Zoom setup. So, find your ‘Zoom equipment’, obsess over it, and let the world see your commitment. Because when it truly matters, half measures just won’t do.

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