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Sep 2nd, 2021 Share: Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on LinkedIn

The Hardest Part of Doing Anything Is…

How do you complete the sentence “The hardest part of doing anything is…?” It’s an interesting and important question to mull over. I have asked this question many, many times — of successful entrepreneurs, founders just starting out, CEOs, students. As varied as the folks I asked that question, as varied were the answers: Starting. Pushing through the ups and downs. Knowing when to stop. Knowing when not to stop. Selling. Folding.

I have come to believe that the true answer might very well be: Everything — The hardest part of doing anything is everything.

Every part of the journey is different, requires different skills and attitudes, tests us in unique ways. And is, at the same time, what makes the whole endeavor worthwhile.

No day is truly like the other when you embark on a worthwhile journey. The difference between hard and easy often comes down to attitude: Do you accept and embrace the challenge, or run away from it?

Face it: It’s hard. That’s the reason we do it.

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