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May 16th, 2019 Share: Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on LinkedIn

Giving and Receiving Feedback

Maybe one of the hardest things for pretty much anyone I know (yours truly being no exception) is giving feedback in a way that others can hear – and being able to receive it.

There is quite literally a whole section at your local bookstore (should you still have one) devoted to the subject. Concepts such as Radical Candor (developed by Kim Scott) provide a much-needed framework to make the process not just easier but also better.

Let me arm you with another tool which I found extremely helpful – and one we use all the time here at be radical. This one comes straight from my genius friends at the Stanford

IW/IW/WI – I like, I wish, What if

By facilitating feedback, for example at the end of a project session, in the form of three simple questions, starting with “I like…”, “I wish…” and “What if…” you create a space which allows for candid, honest feedback – delivered in a way that you can hear.

By creating a positive environment (especially with “I wish…” and “What if…”) you allow for critical feedback being given; in a way which has forward momentum and aims to make things better instead of a simple “this didn’t work/was bad”.

Give it a try – three small questions which have the power to change the way you give and receive feedback forever.

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