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Jan 27th, 2018 Share: Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on LinkedIn

What Have You Learned Last Week

Yesterday I asked my incredible wife Jane what I should write about (Jane is my go-to person when I have writer’s block). Instead of giving me a specific topic, she used her coaching kung-fu skills and turned my innocuous question into a rabbit hole of self-discovery:

“Well, what have you learned last week?”

The question stopped me in my tracks. It is a damn good question and one we (at least I) ask myself by far not often enough.

We preach and teach organizations to become “learning organizations” – it is one of the cornerstones of any organization which wants to become and stay relevant in these exponential times. But we might just not often enough take our own medicine and challenge ourselves to not only continuously learn but reflect upon what we learned and be deliberate about it.

So – instead of me telling you what I learned last week, why don’t you tell us what you learned?

Head over to the Heretic Facebook group and either share what you learned there or write it down on your blog and post your link to the group. We would love to learn from you.

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