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Jun 23rd, 2018 Share: Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on LinkedIn

There Is Always 2 Percent Truth in Everything

A while ago an executive coach and friend of mine shared some invaluable insight with me (dare I say she gave me “feedback”?). It goes like this:

(1) When someone gives you feedback – it is just someone’s opinion. It is not truth (especially not what some would call “Capital-T Truth”) but merely the other person’s point of view.

(2) You don’t have to accept it. Feedback is a gift. As with any gift, it is on you to take it (or not). Sometimes it is an unwanted or uncalled for gift – you are at liberty to ignore it.

(3) There is (nearly) always 2% truth in everything. I found over and over that even in the harshest and uncalled for comment, there often is a kernel of truth. Being able to see this and learn from it might make the difference between good and great.

I can’t count the occasions when these three simple ideas made all the difference – from either being crushed by bad feedback or entirely writing it off as someone’s angry ramblings. It helps with a good chunk of our inherent biases, keeps you open to hearing what matters and continuous learning.

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