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Jan 22nd, 2018

Leadership is a 360 Degrees Endeavor

We often seem to treat leadership as a skill – something singular, specific and focal. As such we try to teach and learn it; reminiscent of how we learned algebra in school, we ship our leaders to courses where they learn the skillset it requires to be “a leader.”

Alas, leadership is not a singular skill. Instead, it is an all-encompassing effort we put forward; from the way we communicate to what we say and do, how we show up, how we feel and make others feel about us, themselves and the company.

I believe leadership is something which requires constant learning, practice, mindfulness, and self-reflection. If we want to be leaders (or better leaders), we need to invest in every aspect of ourselves – and acknowledge the fact that it is a life-long endeavor.

Consider setting yourself quarterly leadership goals – just as you do for your company. From making the commitment to learn and practice a skill, creating a mentor relationship with a colleague or employee to journaling about your daily endeavors and thus reflecting on what went well and what didn’t.

In a world which is moving at an ever-accelerating speed and in a world of abundance, great leadership is not only paramount for success but also something (sadly) rare and valuable.

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