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Aug 16th, 2017 Share: Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on LinkedIn

Singularity University Global Summit Interviews

I am just back from the three-day bonanza that was the Singularity University Global Summit in San Francisco. I had the opportunity to interview a whole bunch of amazing people in front of Singularity Hub’s Facebook Live cameras. Instead of writing a proper post today, I uploaded all interviews to YouTube for you to enjoy:

Day 1 — Video:

  • Andreas Gal, Silk Labs — We talk about IoT, why the connected home doesn’t work (yet), why it is hard to program for IoT and what’s next.
  • Andy Billings, Electronic Arts — We dug into Andy’s work on “creative profitability,” how games are used for creativity and what it means to be innovative.
  • Bob Richards, Moon Express — Bob and I geeked out on his company’s plans to send robots to the moon, the legal implications of harvesting resources on the moon and why it’s important to be in space.
  • Tracy DeMiroz, Kasisto — Tracy gave us a deep dive into their AI platform, how to build truly engaging chatbots and what is coming down the pike regarding AI.

Day 2 — Video:

  • Shannon Farley, FastFWD — FastFWD is the only accelerator specifically for non-profit tech organizations; Shannon and I discuss her work, how she supports her entrepreneurs and how they are different from other founders.
  • Abi Ramanan, Impact Vision — Abi’s startup is using hyper spectral imaging and computer vision to reduce food waste; in this section, we geek out on what that means, how it works and what it means for the future of the “sell by-date.”
  • Sylvia Earle, Oceanographer & Explorer — Sylvia has been called a “Living Legend” by the US Congress, her work focused on the oceans is some of the most inspiring you can find anywhere. This interview was a complete highlight for me.
  • Nicolas Alcala, Future Lighthouse — Nicolas and I explore the leading edge of VR, storytelling and how entertainment will look in the future.

Day 3 — Video:

  • Mark Brand, Social Entrepreneur — One of the most grounded, hardest working social entrepreneurs with a huge mission and amazing impact, Mark is using food to address pressing issues in our communities.
  • Salim Ismail, ExO Works — Salim and I have a wide ranging, unfiltered conversation about exponential tech, society and the meaning of life.
  • Galen Buckwalter, psyML — A leading authority in the space of psychometrics, Galen now works on making AIs and robots (more) human.

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