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Yesterday Kevin Starr (kevin starr), Managing Director of the Mulago Foundation, joined me for a fireside chat at Singularity University’s Global Solutions Program. Kevin is a real rock star (no pun!) in the impact investing space, being one of the earliest actors in the field continuously pushing the boundaries.

During his discussion with the GSP class, one participant asked Kevin what he looks for in an investee. His answer focused on some of the measurable, hard facts such as financials, understanding of the problem space, product/market fit and when it comes to the founder: Irrepressibility.

The dictionary defines irrepressible as “not able to be controlled or restrained.”

I honestly couldn’t find a better word to describe the one quality I, throughout my career, have found to be the determining factor between good and amazing entrepreneurs. Founders who are irrepressible exude an energy which is infectious and spells out to “be with me or get out of my way” and just can’t be stopped.

When asked if irrepressibility can be taught and learned — Kevin and I had a short discussion as we both believe it surely can be learned, but for it to manifest itself in a founder, that person needs to find a cause which she deeply connects with. Your conviction will be the kindling for the fire that makes you irrepressible.

Godspeed fellow Heretics! Find your #Irrepressible!

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