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Jul 15th, 2016 Share: Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on LinkedIn

Where to Start (With Entrepreneurship)

Recently a colleague of mine asked me what to read/watch to get started with entrepreneurship.

Of course there are a gazillion resources and my personal reading list is pretty vast. But as probably the most relevant and short starting point — I present to you:

The Where to Start With Entrepreneurship List

(1) Start with Sam Altman’s excellent Startup Playbook.

(2) Now head over to your favorite bookstore and get a copy of Guy Kawasaki’s The Art of The Start 2.0.

Between these two resources you already have a fantastic start. If you like to watch stuff, don’t miss…

(3) Sam Altman (again) put together the “mother of all startup classes”: How to Start a Startup.

And to prepare yourself for scale, make sure you watch…

(4) Reid Hoffman, Allen Blue, Chris Yeh and John Lilly’s Technology-Enabled Blitzscaling.

There you have it. Between those four sources you will learn most (if not all) you need to build a startup. From there you can dig into specific topics and areas.

Happy reading & watching! And let me know what you built!

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