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Dec 28th, 2016 Share: Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on LinkedIn

Things That Don’t Make Sense

There are many, many things which don’t make sense to us. And so we dismiss them. Ignore them. Laugh about them. And shake our heads in disbelief when we observe people engaging in activities which don’t make sense (to us).

But what doesn’t make sense to us, often does make sense in a different context. For a different user. From a different perspective.

There is a fairly small amount of “Capital-T” truth out there. Most of the world is shaped, informed and operates by viewpoints. Which means that it does make sense to force yourself to take on different perspectives, see and experience the world through the eyes of someone else.

By and at large the world does make sense in its own way. If something doesn’t make sense to you — you might just not have figured it out yet.

Which brings me to the important part of this thought: Some of the biggest business opportunities are the things which don’t make sense for most people. AirBnB never made any sense — until Brian Chesky. Uber, Amazon Web Services, Patagonia,… — all things which didn’t make sense at the time.

Sharpen your senses to the things which don’t immediately make sense to you. It could be that you stumbled upon one of the biggest business opportunities out there.

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