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Aug 12th, 2016 Share: Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on LinkedIn

Nothing New Under The Sun

I frequently get asked “What’s the latest and greatest in entrepreneurship?”. Our relentless search for betterment leads many of us to believe that there must always be something new, better and shinier than the thing we are doing right now. And for technology this is often true (albeit with the caveat that it is often wiser to optimize and max out what you have, instead of jumping from one technology to another). For entrepreneurship, the art of building and running your company, it is typically not.

Instead of figuring out what the latest fad in managing your team, organizing your projects or motivating your people is — I suggest you start with the classics. Read Peter Drucker — for a taste of his deep wisdom, just consider these ten short quotes; if you were to live by these simple principles, I can guarantee that you and your company will do better already.

Probably more important than anything is that you stay a critical thinker, create your own insights and form your own opinions. Take everything anyone says or writes with a grain of salt (and this explicitly includes this newsletter).

Keep pushing for improvements. But also know that there are truly no maps and you will need to forge your own path.

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