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Jun 3rd, 2016 Share: Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on LinkedIn

Make It Happen

When I read my first Heretic posts, I cringe. When I look at websites I designed a couple of years ago, I wince. When I look at old presentations I have given years ago, I flinch. When I go to the Wayback Machine and look up my first company, I quail.

And yet I am insanely proud of all of it.

I might not be proud of the thing I put into the world (at least not in hindsight), but I sure as hell am proud for doing it.

As doing is what separates from the wannabes from those who made it happen. It might not be pretty, it might not even be good — but it’s much better than not doing it at all.

What are you going to put out there next?

P.S. Some of you might know that I co-created the GyShiDo Movement (The Art of Getting Your Shit Done). We just released our Code of Conduct on a gorgeous poster (designed by the amazing team at DOJO4) — we sell them at cost.

» Check it out and get yours!

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