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Oct 7th, 2016 Share: Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on LinkedIn

Hype (Don’t Believe)

One of the biggest fallacies for startups is founders starting to believe the hype. Too many fine companies fall from grace by inhaling the shit they put out there (and others say about them) too deeply.

One particular expression of this are startup competitions and speaking opportunities. It can be truly intoxicating to be invited to speak on the big stage. And you can spin a million arguments how it helps you down the line, to win the startup pitch competition or pitch your idea in front of an audience of likeminded folks.


It is (typically) a distraction. You do things which feel good — but don’t yield results. You don’t get customers. You don’t get funding. And you surely don’t make your product better.

While you’re busy talking about your product, your competition is sitting down with customers, gets their solution to product/market fit and spends time building the product.

Don’t fall for the hype. Focus on building what matters. It might not feel glamorous — but trust me: It will feel so much better when you are the last one standing.

As Drake so eloquently rhymes:

Look what I’ve done in my life / I had to count it then count it again / To make sure the money was right / They love to talk / Me, I’m just done in the hype / Me, I’m just done in the hype / Me, I’m just done, done, done, done, done

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