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Mar 15th, 2016 Share: Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on LinkedIn


Today, in a meeting with the leadership team of a nonprofit organization, I ran the participants through an exercise to get to product/market fit:

We started out with listing the HAVES of the organization on a whiteboard. The “haves” are all the assets an organization has — anything from their customer relationships to systems and processes they created to the brand.

We then went on to identify their customer’s WANTS. The “wants” are all the things a customer wants or needs to solve her problem.

The “haves” is your product. The “wants” is your market. When the two fit like a snug glove, you have product/market fit.

In our case we quickly identified a key asset which was missing. And by taking a hard look at the wants and understanding the capabilities of the organization, we could create a new and much improved way to solve the customer problem.

What are your HAVES and WANTS? And how do they fit?

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