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Nov 1st, 2015 Share: Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on LinkedIn

Your Personal Board

Pretty much all great companies have a strong, diverse and engaged board. For public companies a board of directors is a requirement. For many entrepreneurs it is a fantastic way to add incredible firepower to their team and punch “above their weight” (as you often can get people on your board of advisors or board of directors you could not afford to pay in any other capacity).

But what about you?

How many of you have a personal board? Not just some folks you consider mentors or advisors, but people who are deeply vested in your success and who hold you accountable? Your own, personal board of advisors.

Yesterday, while coaching one of the amazing women in The Coaching Fellowship, the topic of continued growth, of figuring out what’s next, of having someone who can really help you think through the tough questions and who does so in a safe, trusted environment, came up. We quickly established that the young leader I worked with, should create her own personal board. I asked her to come up with three to five types of people or skillsets she wants to have on her board before thinking about specific people (which is what we naturally tend to do first). Then, based on this list, I asked her to create a long and short list of people who represent these skills and whom she will now approach.

Having your own personal board of advisors is an incredible asset. One which every entrepreneur should leverage.

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