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May 21st, 2015 Share: Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on LinkedIn

Tomorrow Today

Today I had the great pleasure of meeting the IBM Watson-team. Which reminded me that when Watson had his moment on TV destroying human opponents playing Jeopardy in 2008, Watson was a room-full of computers. A few years later Watson was a server the size of three pizza boxes. And today Watson is an API which you can use from any connected device in the world (and pay for as you go). This all happened in seven short years.

Which goes to show that technology often moves on exponentials curves — and thus you can (and arguably have to) build your company today for the reality which will exist when your product hits the market tomorrow.

Something which might be prohibitively expensive to do today can be done cheaply tomorrow. Something which requires large amounts of compute power might not be feasible today but can easily run on tomorrow’s computer.

When building your company focus on anticipating these trends and build with their consequences in mind. Otherwise your stuff will be outdated the moment it hits the market.

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