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Oct 3rd, 2015 Share: Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on LinkedIn

The Next Ten Words

Here’s another gem from the incredible Rick Schmitz whom I met at the Unlife retreat…

In his session Rick challenged us to come up with the next ten words after your opening pitch. Most of us can formulate our “elevator pitch”. Some of us can do this even very, very well. But when asked what the next ten words in that statement are, many of us fall flat. The next ten words encapsulate the why; the essence of why stuff matters.

“My company exists because…”

“I founded this company because…”

“We came up with the idea because…”

All these sentences are easy to answer. The next ten words are hard — as they encapsulate the answer to the most important question: “So what?”

“I publish The Heretic because I want to give back to the entrepreneur community.”

The next ten (give or take) words are for me: “I do this because I fundamentally believe that entrepreneurs are the ones who will change this world for the better. Thus we need to help and support them where we can.”

What are your next ten words?

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