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Jun 7th, 2015 Share: Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on LinkedIn

The Dichotomy Of Time

“Speed is your weapon: Do more, faster.”

“Everything takes at least twice as long as you planned for.”

These two sentences are both true and exist at the same time — just like Schrödinger’s cat. As an entrepreneur speed is your primary competitive edge. And yet: Everything takes longer than you wish for (especially as you’re wearing 500 hats at the same time).

What is one to do?

Focus. Relentlessly cut back on commitments. Identify the main thrusts for your business and make those your main things. Find ways to outsource the stuff which needs to be done but isn’t instrumental to your success. Treat your time and energy as sacred — don’t waste it with meaningless coffee meetings or the n-th meetup where you will only see the same faces again. Don’t let other people dictate your day. Block time on your calendar to do focussed work — on the stuff which moves the needle.

And rest assured: Everyone fights the same demons.

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