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Jun 22nd, 2015 Share: Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on LinkedIn

One Percent Doesn’t Cut It

One of the most common sentences you hear startup founders say when they pitch is:

“Our market is 1 Gazillion-Trillion-Billion Dollars big. If we only get 1% of the market we will be fine.”

The problem with that sentence is — if your solution is any good (and for it to succeed in the market it better be) it will, by definition, eat a significant amount of the incumbent marketshare.

Thus saying that you believe your product will only get 1% marketshare in an established market means you yourself don’t believe that you’re unsetting the existing forces at play. And if you don’t believe it — why should I?

If you’re entering an established market with a disruptive product — you have to aim high and attack the incumbent. There is no room for 1% solutions.

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