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Jan 18th, 2015 Share: Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on LinkedIn

In The Long-Term Be Greedy

Goldman-Sachs, before they turned into the holy mess they are today (and instead were the highest respected firm on Wall Street) had a mantra of “in the long-term be greedy”.

Greed is defined as wanting more than you have. Nothing wrong with greed. It is neither good nor bad. Quite contrary — when you remove the negative stigma society puts on the word, greed is what makes companies work. But there are those who are short-term greedy and those that are long-term greedy.

Short-term greedy types are solely interested in making as much money as possible right now and are likely willing to cut corners. Their mantra is, I want what I want, now! Short-term greedy people almost always lose much more than they win, certainly over the longer term.

Long-term greedy means being a professional, which includes doing your homework, keeping your word, cleaning up messes, honoring relationships with clients and employees. In other words, doing the right thing for no reason all the time.

Be greedy. But be long-term greedy.

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