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Jun 14th, 2015 Share: Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on LinkedIn

Hitting The Wall

I tend to write my Heretic dispatches the day I intend to post them. Often they are reflections of something I read, heard, saw or discussed earlier that day or the day before. Sometimes something got triggered and sends me on wild-goose chase of exploring a specific aspect of entrepreneurship.

And sometimes I just hit the wall.

I look at the blinking cursor of my text editor and nothing comes to mind. I wreck my brain for some useful, interesting and insightful nugget of wisdom. But nothing comes up. Those are the moments I doubt myself and my capabilities.

Today, whilst starring at my screen, I realized that this is a somewhat common problem for entrepreneurs. You hit the wall. You, for a moment, don’t know what brilliant thing you need to do next.

What you want to do in those moments is one of two things: Clear your head (and be okay with not knowing what’s next) or go heads down into some mundane but necessary task (and be okay with not doing something more “valuable”).

The moment will pass (it always does) and what seemed like a wall will soon be nothing more than a small obstacle which you can easily clear.

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