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Mar 24th, 2015 Share: Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on LinkedIn

Find Your Muse

About every third Heretic post I ask Jane what I should write about. Typically I have something in my head or a note to start from in Notational Velocity. But every once in a while I draw a blank.

I need inspiration. Something writers and artists often called “being kissed by a muse”.

I believe this to be true not only for artists, painters, writers — but for everyone (and especially for entrepreneurs). We all live creative lives and engage in creative activities. A startup requires us to be at the top of our creative game — constantly coming up with new, novel ways to solve problems we couldn’t anticipate beforehand. The quality and quantity of the solutions to these challenges determines to a great degrees our success.

Find your muse for those moments when you draw a blank. This can be a good friend, a partner, your parents (or child) or the random stranger on your latest Reddit thread.

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