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Oct 1st, 2015 Share: Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on LinkedIn

Choose Your Path Wisely

Last weekend I had the incredible fortune to spend four days with some of the most amazing and inspiring people at the UNLIFE retreat in Colorado.

Each day was bookended by a keynote — one after breakfast, the other after dinner. Rick Schmitz, the lead pastor at a community church in Colorado, quite literally made me stop in my tracks when he said:

“Choose your path wisely. As your path will always determine your destination.”

Let that statement sink in for a moment… We talk a lot about the entrepreneurial journey. And it truly is a journey (as many of you know). Remind yourself at every step of that journey that whatever path you choose, it will inevitably determine your destination.

When you’re next at a crossroads with your venture — keep this in mind. Take the funding or keep bootstrapping? Hire that person or keep searching for someone who’s a better fit? Cut that deal or let it slip? Launch or wait another month until the product is more polished?

Each of these decisions alongside your path will determine your destination.

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