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Oct 9th, 2014 Share: Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on LinkedIn

There Are More Than Enough Problems Worth Solving

This week I spent quite some time with the leaders of a whole bunch of medium- to large-scale companies in Europe. Regardless of their industry (from manufacturing to commerce and services) they all invest heavily into their digital strategy; both for internal systems as well as in their interface to their customers.

What struck me was how many problems they still face, how many issues they encounter and how hard this all is for them. For an entrepreneur these revelations are a pure gold mine — these CEOs would love to throw money at people/companies which solve their problems. It’s just — they have a hard time even finding someone who either has a solution or is willing to build one. It seems that every (tech) entrepreneur is lured by the TechCrunch-worthy shiny next iPhone app hit and pretty ignores the incredibly lucrative market of servicing the backbone of our economy: Medium-sized businesses.

Here’s a wild idea: If you’re currently trying to figure out what you want to do with all your entrepreneurial energy — pick an industry you’re interested in (say: wine making / vineyards) and invest some time to learn about the industry. I can guarantee you that you will find plenty of opportunities to build $100M companies in these spaces.

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