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Sep 20th, 2014

The Purpose Of A Startup

Steve Blank, one of the eminent thinkers in the startup world, defines a startup as a temporary organization designed to search for a repeatable and scalable business model.

It’s an intriguing point of view: First of all it makes you understand that whatever you think your organizations is today and will be in the future — it’s in a state of flux. What you have today is temporary; it’s only here to get you to the next step. Secondly, and this is even more important to understand, your sole job as an entrepreneur is to find a “repeatable and scalable business model”.

This flies somewhat into the face of what some people (especially here in Silicon Valley) perceive as the purpose of their endeavor: Build a cool product (for the sake of building a product).

Your product is only your entry ticket. It buys you the right to play. The real game is about finding a working business model.

No business model — no company. Simple as that.

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