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May 6th, 2014 Share: Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on LinkedIn

The Olympic Deception — Part II

Yesterday I wrote about how much entrepreneurs are like athletes and fellow Heretic Monique Giggy, herself an awesome entrepreneur and founder of Swing by Swing, wrote a response which I just have to share:

How ironic, I was just having an eerily similar discussion with a VC yesterday at an event one of my investors put on for his portfolio companies.

To provide context: There were 250 people at AT&T Park. Early-stage founders comprised the majority with a hand full of LPs sprinkled in and investors outside of the fund. The VC and I were discussing his investment thesis — seeking out the hard-working hustler.

After talking to founder after founder I remain surprised how many are in search of the magic switch that makes the sky open up and start raining money… They look to me as if because I “did it” with my business, I now possess the map to the secret switch. And they’re entirely let down when I tell them the secret is hard work, clear focus, dedication and resiliency. In other words, (and in line with my analogy) climb that big steep mountain and you’ll find the switch. ;-)

It makes me sad… because I want to help. But, the more I probe the more I realize they just don’t want to do the work and therefor spend their days at meet-ups and networking events pumping “smart” people to show them the way.

…and never further their business.

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