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Aug 30th, 2014 Share: Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on LinkedIn

The Impostor Syndrome

A lot has been written about the impostor syndrome. Countless entrepreneurs have come forward and publicly declared that they too, just like everybody else, suffer from it. And probably even more entrepreneurs battle with it, but don’t talk about it (at least not publicly).

The deal is — even if you are an expert at something, you usually find yourself in situations where you simply don’t know the answer. Even if you have done something a dozen times — the next time you do it, the circumstances are different, the market is a different one, the product is in a different industry… in today’s world, where everything changes in a heartbeat, there simply is no prescribed path anymore.

Thus you’re better off accepting that you’ll simply never know all the answers and that this is just fine (as nobody else does either!).

We are all impostors (at least a little bit). All of the time. And that’s just fine.

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