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Jul 22nd, 2014 Share: Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on LinkedIn


I’ve been thinking a lot about storytelling lately. Storytelling is something which is primal to us — for millennia it was the only way for us to convey information (before the written word it was all we had). When you rely on a story to carry your point and travel not only from you to one receiver but from that receiver to another and another — and potentially across generations — you better make sure that your points are clear, the storyline compelling and easy to memorize.

It’s remarkable how many of us forget this when we prepare presentations and pitches. Think about it — the best TED Talks are the ones which are crafted with beautiful story lines, generally follow the heroes journey and embed their main points cleverly into their story arch. The same is true for every great pitch I’ve seen.

Next time you present or pitch — imagine yourself in front of a campfire. All eyes focussed on you while you tell your story. Entertain, educate and let the crackling fire cast a spell over your audience.

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