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Jul 17th, 2014 Share: Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on LinkedIn

Patience Is a Virtue

By now you already know that it takes time to build your company. But how do you stay patient during all those years?

First of all — start with a problem you actually care about. I can only begin to imagine how hard it must be to slog for years through something you don’t care about. So better pick something which is meaningful to you.

Then: Take your vision and long-term goals and break them down into smaller units. You need to do this anyway for many other reasons — but make sure that every time you knock one of those linchpins over, you give yourself the credit you deserve and celebrate. Dance, drink champagne and know that the only way to get to your goal is one step at a time.

Lastly: Realize that you’re in this for the long haul. Take everyday as an opportunity to make progress towards realizing your vision. Spend a few minutes at the end of each day to reflect on how much you moved the big boulder you’re pushing forward toward the finish line.

Changing the world requires patience paired with a deep sense of urgency.

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