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Jun 8th, 2014 Share: Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on LinkedIn

Make People Feel

The following guest post is from a good friend and fellow Heretic Matej Novak, a copywriter with a deep passion for language and branding.

This is one of my favorite videos.

You may not know anything about skateboarding. You may not care about skateboarding. You may even hate skateboarding.

Watch it anyway.

The point I want to make isn’t about skateboarding at all. It’s not even about what you’ll see. It’s about what you’ll hear.

The announcers are people who live and breathe skateboarding. They think about it, watch it and even do it every day. Yet here they are, completely blown away by what they’re witnessing. Their surprise and delight is so genuine that it’s infectious. It tells you everything you need to know about this historic, amazing run.

I’m a casual skateboarding fan, but I watch this video several times a year. I’ve been a huge Bob Burnquist fan ever since I first saw it. This is a guy who lives to push the boundaries of what he loves to do. He builds giant ramps in his backyard and constantly tries to outdo himself. He makes everyone around him better. And when they get better, so does he.

Now watch the video again. Listen to the pure unbridled joy of three people who have “lost their minds.” Then go out there and try to make someone feel like that — with your product, your brand or yourself — even just once.

How awesome would that be?

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