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Jul 13th, 2014 Share: Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on LinkedIn

It’s Easier than You Think. Just Start.

Since Jane started The Coaching Fellowship we have had numerous people tell her how impressed they are with the program, how hard it must be to get this off the ground and how they couldn’t see themselves starting something of this magnitude, scale and impact.

Don’t get me wrong: It takes guts to start something like this and it’s a shitload of work. When other people hang out in front of their TVs, meet friends for dinner or pursue one of their hobbies — we sit at our kitchen table and go through applications, email coaches and fellows, reach out to partners, hack on our website.

And yet — there is no magic to it. All it takes is the idea, the will to see it through and the determination and grit to DO THE WORK.

It won’t get neither easier or harder if you wait. Don’t wait for tomorrow. START NOW.

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