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Nov 10th, 2014 Share: Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on LinkedIn

Is It Worth Doing?

Want to know if you’re spending your time doing the right things? The things which really matter (to you) in the end?

Here’s something I was introduced to: The average life expectancy in the US is about 79 years. That’s roughly 29,000 days. Subtract from that number your current age and you get the number of days you have left to make a difference.

Get a bunch of little glass beads. Put them into a mason jar. Each bead represents one day (go ahead and get a bead for each day you have left on this planet if you want to). Now, every morning, you take one bead out of the jar and put it into another jar.

Every day you get to choose if what you’re working on, what you’re spending your time and energy on and whom you’re spending your time with — is worth it. Every day you are at choice. We just often forget that every passing day is one day less where we can make a difference — as we are stuck in our routine.

By making this a physical act of moving one bead from one mason jar to another it will become incredibly clear.

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