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Jul 1st, 2014 Share: Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on LinkedIn

Intros? Yes, but Please Do Them Right!

We have been talking about networking a bunch lately. There is a whole different aspect to it, which a good friend recently pointed out to me:

“Love the thoughts on Networking. And, if you’re the connector be discriminating. Respect the time of the person you are making a connection to, not for. Too often I get these: ‘Hi, I’d like to introduce you to (insert name here). She’s a talented (blah blah) and you two should know each other since you have so much in common. You two can take it from here.’

Barf. Now what? I’m left holding the bag. Like you, I’m busy. Unless there’s a specific reason for you to introduce me, save it. Too many pride themselves on being ‘connectors’ but connection for connection sake is just a clogged inbox and requests for lunches that will never happen.”

Nothing to add. The best intros are double-opt-in: Ask both parties if they are okay being introduced, then (and only then) make the intro.

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