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Jul 8th, 2014 Share: Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on LinkedIn


Two years ago I had drinks with Daniel Epstein, co-founder of the Unreasonable Institute and CEO of Unreasonable Group. Two cocktails into a hot, dry summer night in a bar in downtown Boulder we asked each other: What’s your superpower?

We both said: Getting Shit Done.

We both are ideas guys. We both have a tendency to think big and visionary — and we both love to get our hands deep into the engine and just get stuff done.

So we created the GyShiDo movement.

Today, after quite some time, I re-read our code of honor. Those six simple rules still stand strong for me:

  1. Relentless Focus.
  2. Boring Consistency.
  3. No Bullshit.
  4. No Meetings.
  5. Follow Up.
  6. Don’t be an Asshole.

Make today the day you start becoming a GyShiDo-San!

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