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Jul 12th, 2014 Share: Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on LinkedIn

Gamifying Entrepreneurship

The following guest post is from a fellow Heretic Clara Huet, working at gamifying diabetes at mySugr.

Entrepreneurship is a great adventure, which requires resilience and the ability to just keep going when obstacles come your way. Funny thing is — that’s exactly what games are made of too.

Why then are there more gamers than entrepreneurs?

One reason might be that games are designed around four essential elements which keep you motivated and going until the end. Let’s have a look and see how we can use them for our own journey as entrepreneurs.

(1) Satisfying work: Make sure you give yourself some short-term objectives to reward you along the way to your final goal (aka the big boss in gaming).

(2) Hope of being successful: It is necessary to find people who take a critical view on what you do; but make sure that you have a partner, a friend, a family member… someone to cheer you up, when you need it most.

(3) Social connection: The social fabric of life is as essential for you individually as it is for your business! Network, make sure you find people to connect with who will give you a new perspective on what you do and keep you aware of what’s going on outside of your own sphere.

(4) Last but not least — Meaning: Make sure that you do what you do because it means something for you. And the bigger the meaning is, the more chance you have to stick with it! Epic meaning is the new thing in the gaming industry, so maybe you don’t plan to save the world with your startup, but find a goal you can look forward to. There’s no better feeling than the one of contributing to something bigger than yourself…

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