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Sep 6th, 2014 Share: Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on LinkedIn

Entrepreneurial StrengthsFinder

Gallup, one of the leading research organizations in the world, created the Clifton StrenghtFinder test a while ago — it’s one of my favorite personality tests, as it focusses on identifying your strengths and emphasizes the need to “strengthen your strengths” instead of trying to balance out your weaknesses.

I’ve taking this test a couple of times now — one time it was part of an interview process (which was really neat as they gave me the StrengthFinder profiles of the people who interviewed me — which made interviewing so much more fun!). It’s remarkably consistent over time; which indicates that your strengths are something which is deeply rooted in your personality (a point the people behind the StrengthFinder test make as well).

A few weeks ago Gallup came out with a modified version of the test — this time for entrepreneurs. At $12 for the test I couldn’t resist — and found the results highly consistent with what I know about myself (after 20+ years observing my strengths and weaknesses).

It’s an interesting test — and for the price of a trip to your fast food provider of choice it’s also pretty affordable. You can find the test here — and if you’re interested: Here is the Entrepreneurial StrengthFinder of yours truly (you get a little guide book explaining what this all means and what you can do with it too).

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