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Aug 24th, 2014 Share: Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on LinkedIn

A Gift And A Question

Today being Sunday — let’s do things differently today.

First off: Fellow Heretic Lujie Chen wrote a book on mentorship (Seek to Keep) which is awesome (it goes into the why and how of mentorship and explains not only how to get a mentor but how to keep her/him as well).

He kindly offered to make the PDF version available for free (!) to all Heretics.

Here’s the deal — download the PDF here for the next 72 hours. And please, please consider buying the hardcopy on Amazon if you like it.

Don’t upload the book on The Pirate Bay or any other public place. This is your personal copy; please be respectful. And say Hi to Lujie — it’s an incredible generous gift.

Secondly: I’m looking for a talented co-author/editor who wants to work with me on The Heretic Coffee-Table Book. The person would become the co-author (similar to what Peter Thiel did with Blake Masters for Zero to One) and we split revenue (if there is such a thing in publishing anyway). Ideal candidates are for example literature students with writing experience. I’ve got a few interested publishers lined up — what needs to be done is: We need to go through the 500+ articles I published, fish for the good ones, get them into some form of order and do some edits.

Know someone? Have them email me! :)

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