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Dec 18th, 2013 Share: Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on LinkedIn

What Would You Do With $20M?

Here’s in interesting conundrum — again and again I meet entrepreneurs who whine about startup XYZ raising stupid amounts of money while they are having a hard time closing their angel/seed/series A round. When I ask them what they would do if they would get “stupid amount of money” — they can’t say. Which is precisely the reason why they can’t raise “stupid amount of money” (and also have problems raising their current round).

It’s easy to say “I want $X million dollars” — it’s incredibly hard to actually spend a large amount of money in a smart way. What I hear most often is generic answers such as: I would hire more developers. But — for what? And how does that map against your customer growth? And how do you prioritize features? And how long does it take you to build them? And what kind of infrastructure do you need for this kind of scale?

Thinking big is easy to say and hard to do. And yet — it’s what separates the wheat from the chaff.

So here’s the deal: Take some time off. Imagine you have 10x the capital you have now. What would that look like? What do you need to change?

I strongly encourage you to think big. Because only the people who think big have a shot at becoming big. And we need people who do. Desperately!

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