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Nov 7th, 2013 Share: Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on LinkedIn

Three Hundred / Commit — Part 2

We made it. Together we just crossed the three hundred posts mark for The Heretic! We did so in less than a year (the first email was sent out on November 19th to fewer than twenty people).

To be honest — I had no idea where this would take us. I had no idea that I have 300 posts (and many more to come) in me. I had no idea that The Heretic would become a community of doers, builders and creators — all joint by the fact that we are wonderful misfits, rebels and troublemakers.

And here’s the best anniversary present ever — witnessing your commitments to the world:

“I commit to self-publish in 2014.” ~ Matthew Taylor, Author

“To BeTomish.” ~ Founder,

“I commit to building the most kickass early stage impact investing fund that I possibly can.” ~ Dhaval Chadha, Pipa.VC

“I’m committed to establish telehash as a new protocol that will be protecting & distributing over half of the world’s communications in 5 years.” ~ Jeremie Miller

“I will build” ~ Omoju Miller

“You only truly commit to what you are passionate about and that is what excites me about commitments it’s a great way to separate the wheat from the chaff.” ~ Kavita Parmar

“I commit to work only for events with purpose and create good designs for my events no matter what.” ~ Mariana Camardelli

“I commit to finding a way to make social, publishing, and ecommerce business models work together in harmony on” ~ Scott Crawford

“I commit to writing 10 minutes on my book every day.” ~ Mike Rios

“I’ll have my blog including 5 articles setup by the end of November. Then, I will write one article every week.” ~ Sjoerd Janssen

“I’ve committed to learning how to program so I can make things that will help people. Programming will be my habit I can’t live without.” ~ Sasha Sanchez

“ I will become the world’s number one advocate for real-time development and in doing so, close some big time clients for PLAYIR.” ~ Ashraf Samy Hegab

“Put me down for committing to do the portrait project. It’s long past time for me get past my hangups about making art that it must be “good” or “original.” That it comes from my eye is enough. Even if no one sees or cares, I want it to be in the world. For me.” ~ Crystal Beasley

“Start a collaborating platform for business-idea-collection and -development before the end of the year, project name ‘boiler plate’.” ~ Rayo Kniep

“Do good and live well. Make lots of money ethically and use it to help poor people in developing countries.” ~ Gorka Sadowski

“I will do a 20min body crushing, mind pushing workout every day. And I will document every single one. Don’t break the chain.” ~ Kevin Miller

“I commit to building the most kickass curly hair product company and growing it from a small business based out of Jordan to an international brand.” ~ Farah Ghniem

“I commit myself to work every single day for my business to come true” ~ João Rodrigues

“I will focus on one project only till the end of the year and I will launch it before christmas ( + I’ll do yoga every morning.” ~ Daniel Heitz

“As best practice to spur productivity, I hereby commit to dedicate one hour of my day to my personal hobbies.” ~ Adriano Martins

“Losing the LAST 30lbs to have lost a total of 100lbs by 2014 Unreasonable Retreat. I have stalled and this will get my butt going.” ~ Connie Gordon

“I will raise a new round by the end of the year! Well that’s easy as it’s already committed :)” ~ Alban Denoyel

Let me finish this with my own declaration:

“I commit to not give a shit and step into my true full potential. No holds barred.”

Let’s change the world. Together.

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