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Nov 10th, 2013 Share: Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on LinkedIn

This Is Going To Be FEPIC

FEPIC is to epic what fugly is to ugly — fucking epic!

And that’s how I feel today.

Two short weeks ago I publicly announced my departure from Mozilla. I’ve been with Mozilla for five years, I had an amazing time there, I am incredibly blessed to have had the chance to work with some of the smartest people in the industry and on projects which were just wicked fun. And over those five years I did a lot of introspection — which led me to realize that I am happiest when I can operate in the triangle between entrepreneurship, technology and global impact. Heck, I even drew a Venn diagram for one of the presentations I give regularly.

Through my work with the Unreasonable Institute, Unreasonable at Sea, Mentor for Good and many, many interactions I had with people in the global impact space it became clear that this is what I need to do next.

And so I do.

Tomorrow, November 11th (coincidentally also the start of the carnival season in my hometown Cologne!) I will join Google Giving.

When I first saw the job spec for this role my mind started racing: It literally read as if I would have written that spec for myself. It’s a small and incredible talented team with amazing resources, a massive platform and a huge mandate.

I can’t wait to get my feet wet and see what we can do. This is going to be of truly FEPIC PROPORTIONS. :)


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