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Apr 6th, 2013 Share: Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on LinkedIn

The Lean Startup Deception

It took me a while to put a finger on why I have such mixed feelings about the whole lean startup craze. I read the books, I talked to the people, I spoke to and observed folks who implemented the lean methodology and intellectually it does make sense. And yet — something felt off to me.

Now I know.

It’s the Lean Startup Deception.

The deception works like this: Entrepreneur reads book. Entrepreneur thinks Lean Startup means he comes up with an idea and throws it at the wall. Sees what sticks. Repeats the process. Eventually he hits gold.

The problem is — some people use the lean startup methodology as an excuse for not thinking. They believe that as long as they throw enough shit against the wall, they will strike gold.

Tell you what: Hardly ever works.

You need to start from a strong basis. You have to have at least a strong hunch that something will work. You need to formulate a clear test hypothesis before you put something out. Only then will you have a realistic chance to make it work. And then you will also find the lean startup methodology a very useful tool.

Think. Then Do.

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