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Dec 28th, 2013 Share: Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on LinkedIn

The (Heretic) Network — Part II

Nope. Not part II of the dreadful movie (“All new! This time it’s even more epic! Watch the drama as a company without revenue goes public! The Network — Part II: Rise of the Twitter Fail Whale.” ;)) but our own Heretic Network:

Three weeks ago I asked the tribe if some of you would be willing to pay it forward and help other Heretics on their respective journeys. I hoped for twenty people to raise their hands. Fifty would have defied gravity. Three short weeks later the Heretic Network is 119 people strong. One Hundred Nineteen! I encourage you to view this Network as your extended rolodex of awesomeness. Your pool of trusted advisors who can and will help you. And when the time is right — please pay it forward and help someone else.

As awesome as the Network is — it’s a rolodex, not something which facilitates communication for the tribe as a whole. Yesterday I created a new home for us: A private Facebook Group. As with the Network and everything else here at The Heretic it’s a big experiment for me — I don’t know if it will be useful, I don’t know how we will use it… and that’s the beauty of it.

This is OURS. Turn it into whatever is useful for you.

Join here & see you on Facebook.

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