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Dec 24th, 2013 Share: Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on LinkedIn


A little while ago, when I was about to go on stage for the final rehearsal of my TED talk, a fellow speaker asked me: ”What’s your superpower?”

That innocuous question, asked more as a conversation starter than a real inquiry, put me on a long, windy path towards figuring out what my purpose in life is.

As Jane mentioned earlier — I fell into the very trap of trying to figure out what I should be doing instead of asking myself “Who am I being?” For a long time I felt stuck. I had a sentence which I used, it sounded okay but it never felt 100% right.

Then something shifted for me: In coaching the centerpiece of our interaction with the coachee is that we hold people naturally creative, resourceful and whole. There is nothing to fix; and everything you need is already in you. In all my interactions as a mentor, coach or simply as someone giving advise — this is what I always hold true and believe deeply (even before my coaching training put words around it).

Which brings me back to my own life purpose and my unique superpower: More than anything I hold the space for you and make you believe what you need to believe to be the superstar you already are. That’s what I always did and that’s what I always do.

You are all born with superpowers — you just need to believe!

With that being said — Put this song on your playlist (careful — NSFW!) and be a freakin’ superman (and woman!)

Happy Holidays my fellow Heretics!

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