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Apr 22nd, 2013 Share: Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on LinkedIn

Sundays are for Starters — LinkedIn

We’ve talked about the importance of building and growing your personal network numerous times here on The Heretic. We covered “The Ask” and the idea that you should always be selling. And one of the most important tools in your box of tricks is LinkedIn (or whatever other professional network is the hot thing in your region).

So let’s spend a bit of time to make sure you maximize its potential and usefulness for you:

First of all — make sure your profile is up-to-date and complete. This means that you not only add your current job/position and a nice picture but give me some context about yourself, your job and your other achievements. Just check out my profile to get an idea.

Secondly — the power of your network resides in your weak links, not so much the strong ones. So go out there and make those connections. Make it a habit to follow up with each and every of your contacts — and invite them to join your network on LinkedIn (or whatever you use).

Let me repeat this: ALWAYS follow up. ALWAYS.

Lastly — be personal. Never ever send someone the standard LinkedIn email. Always add a personal note; and if it’s only a short “Great to meet you”.

Happy networking!

P.S. Please excuse the irregular schedule — I’m at Unreasonable at Sea at the moment. :)

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