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Apr 7th, 2013 Share: Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on LinkedIn

Sundays are for Starters — Finding your Investor

One of the (sometimes) most confusing questions which hardly ever gets asked is: Where do I actually find an investor?

Good question.

First rule of thumb: Investors (especially VCs) like to invest into industries they understand. Sometimes they only invest into one specific vertical. So start with looking for startups which are in the same or a comparable space and got funded. Who were their investors? This is your first set of potential investors.

Second rule of thumb: Compile a list of investors you heard of and would like to have invest into your company. These can be investors who invested into your friends’ companies, people you admire and firms which can drive additional value to your startup. This is your second set of potential investors.

Third rule of thumb: Startup events are your friend. We have lots and lots of amazing, high-quality events for startups these days — featuring not only fellow startups or entrepreneurs but often also VCs and angel investors. Attend the event of your choice and check out the speaker list for the ones you can’t attend. This will give you your third set of potential investors.

Fourth rule of thumb: Troll the interwebs. Google is your friend. This will give you your long list of potential investors.

And lastly: As mentioned here before — get yourself out there. The more people you meet, the more people you tell your story, the more people you ask, the more rain you will make.

Have a freakin’ awesome Sunday!

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